Rdhdd Stpchld #1

by The Plastic Teen

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it is what it is ;)


released August 9, 2011

All songs written by The Plastic Teen

The Plastic Teen is
Kurt Brown - vocals, guitar
Mark Borst-Smith - Keyboard, bass guitar
Dillan Wheeler - Drums, Percussion

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Keyboard and vocals recorded at The Panic Room
Album Artwork by Dillan Wheeler



all rights reserved


the plastic teen Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Sick of the Sunshine
Everybody laughs at all my jokes when I tell 'em right
Only you keep me up tossing late at night
But tell me girl, could you leave this ghost town
and move to the east coast now?
Cause I need to go

If you get the best of me
Who gets the rest of me?

Anyone can keep me warm in the heat of the summer time
Only you leave crop circles in my mind
And I know that you think the sun's fine, but it's the one star with which I am not aligned
I need to go

If you want to come with me, let know
I'm packed and I'm ready to go
I'm so sick of the sunshine
Track Name: Bedroom
I just called to say I love you, but you wouldn't pick up the phone
I threw some rocks at your window
Your mom told me that you weren't home

Do you wanna be my girl?
You can keep runnin but your always gonna be my girl

Behind your smile so cryptic I've seen a thousand wishes that I wish you would have brought to my attention

I tried to kiss you by the poolside
You were too busy soakin up rays
I thought I could steal your heart
All you had was paper mache

Johns in your bedroom now
Dan " " '
Paul " " "
But can I be in your bedroom too?

I've seen your blood-shot eyes
How many tears they've cried for silly things

Jordan's in your bed room now
Ted's " " "
Marks " " "
But can I be in your bedroom too?
Track Name: Since the Lights Came On
Ever since the lights came on I've been trying to find to find the sun
But the recent detainees think something has come over me

Since the Lights came on, I swear it's gotten darker

When its clear your never comin back and the dust covers up your tracks
Will I finally get some sleep without you, watching over me?

Since the lights came, I last saw you down by the liquor store
You said rough times were coming and something else i chose to ignore